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For Immediate Release: July 19, 2012

Scam Regarding USPS

Santa Rosa, CA – (July 19, 2012) Beware of e-mails purportedly sent from the United States Postal Service (USPS) warning you of "failure to deliver" a package that you have sent. The e-mail advises you to print out the attached label and bring it to your local post office to collect the package. The label is attached as a .pdf file to the e-mail and when it is opened, may be releasing possible malware onto your computer. (Malware, short for malicious software, is used by hackers to disrupt computer operation, gather sensitive information or gain access to a private computer system.)

District Attorney Jill Ravitch said: "In this electronic age, it is vital that we become as aware of scams as possible in order to protect our privacy. The District Attorney’s Office will be posting information regarding scams such as this when we learn of them, to increase public awareness. The information will be available on our website at:"

The USPS "phishing" e-mail has been going around for approximately 9 months and has recently been reported to have been received by several Sonoma County residents. (Phishing is attempting to acquire information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication; such as an e-mail.)

If you have already received an e-mail similar to this and happened to have opened the .pdf file attached, immediately run your virus scan to determine if your computer has been infected. Then take whatever recommendations your virus program suggests to try to clear the infection.

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