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Victim & Witness Criminal Case Lookup

This tool allows victims and witnesses of a crime to get information about the defendants involved in a criminal case and their upcoming court dates. This is in accordance with the Victims’ Bill of Rights Act of 2008 - Marsy’s Law:

[A victim shall be entitled] To reasonable notice of all public proceedings, including delinquency proceedings, upon request, at which the defendant and the prosecutor are entitled to be present and of all parole or other post-conviction release proceedings, and to be present at all such proceedings.

Important Information

  • This tool does not provide information for juvenile cases.
  • Use of this tool is entirely confidential; we will not save or share the information you provide with anyone for any purpose.

To find criminal case information enter either of the following:

  • Criminal Court Case Number (example: SCR-101234)
  • District Attorney Case Number (examples: DAR-012345, PBK-012345)
  • Police Report Case Number (example: SRO-543210)

Refer to Law Enforcement Agency Codes for valid Case Number prefixes.

Criminal Case Lookup

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